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About us

The classic game of chess is one of the most beloved games in history. For years, people have been playing with and collecting various sets displaying unique tastes and styles. Now, PRV Chess brings you a modern theme to a game for the ages.

Roger Phelps

Patented Chess Board & Handmade Chess Pieces

Inspired by his personal collection of chess sets and his love for travel, Roger Phelps founded PRV Chess to bring you these unique, wood chess sets. All PRV Chess pieces are one of a kind, handcrafted and hand-painted art. Each set is numbered upon completion for future reference.

Roger tries to select wood for the pieces, that produces contrast, beauty, and uniqueness for each set. The variations in wood compositions make it very unlikely, that any two sets will be the same. The basic style and intent will, however, continue.

The cloth roll-up "carry board" may vary in color and material, depending on the time frame and perceived needs of a particular set. It is designed to store the chess pieces safely and conveniently and is easily rolled out on a flat surface for play. The carry board stores quickly and compactly, fitting into the RV lifestyle - tucked away in a small unused space until the next game.

Veteran Owned


Expanding on the custom and patented chessboard as Roger worked in creating the custom chess pieces he kept getting rings on the tables and continually vibrating off his work area he knew there had to be a solution. He needed something stable, portable, light, and would fit any size regular coffee cup.

The first solution involved a rigid foam and duct tape in holding it together. It worked! The answer wasn't pretty, but he started his mind wondering how to do it better. His entrepreneurial spirit was indeed in full swing.

Inspired by the first version, the Snuggler went through over twenty variations in sizes and materials. Testing happened with friends and family and has continued to grow.

Today businesses are using the Snuggler as marketing and keeping their board rooms quiet. The sound a coffee cup makes when you put it down, you rarely think of but interrupts your workflow. The Snuggler solves that interruption and keeps you productive through your workday. No need for a coaster as it's also built into the Snuggler, keeping your desk/board table ring free and looking good.

Each Snuggler can have your company logo and passed out to keep your company name in front of the right people.

As the Snuggler has grown in popularity and wanting to take advantage of all the materials he had available to him, the Snuggler also has grown from just coffee cups. You can now get soda/beer can koozies with your branded marketing to further help businesses get the word out. With this, companies are currently giving out both to help their businesses grow in a cost-effective manner.